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***Please be Advised: We have been made aware that there is a scam ongoing in the UK whereby Fraudsters cold-call people offering loans on behalf of legitimate UK companies such as ours by pretending to be our employees and who use fake documents, their own telephone numbers, email addresses that are not ours and links to this, our real website to try and make their proposals appear legitimate. They request upfront Admin or other such release or processing fees via Bank, UKASH or MoneyGram. DO NOT pay these fees! It is a scam and there will be no loan from the Fraudsters.

TQLS, like any legitimate financial business in the UK will never ask you to pay any upfront fee for a loan, nor would we contact you by telephone unsolicited. If you have been contacted by anyone claiming to represent us and offering a loan and requesting a fee, please contact the Police at

The only way to apply for a loan from us is via one of our two online Application Forms which you will find on our front page; we do not offer loans via telephone and we have no fees, ever. To apply with TQLS is completely free. In addition, if we approve your Application, there are no Admin fees, no processing fees and no money transfer fees.***

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