Quick Short Term Loans in UK

The phrase Short-Term loans is the new, more acceptable face for the Payday Loan.

A recent shift in the descriptive for small loans (payday loan or short-term loan) has seen this come about following the revolution of the Short-Term loans industry.

Typically, a loan of this type is, as the name implies, for a relatively short duration; usually anything from 1 week to 30 days but can be for up to 3 months.

The loans short-term lenders provide are generally for amounts varying from £100 to £1000 and are aimed to provide financial support for those who find themselves with a funding shortfall at the onset of an unforeseen expense – such as a car repair.

Crucially, Short-Term Loans should be sought after only from reputable, trusted Lenders who have Full Authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority in the form of a valid Consumer Credit License, Members of s Trade Association such as the Consumer Credit Trade Association and signatories to the Good Practice Charter.

At TheQuickLoanShopLtd.co.uk, we subscribe to all of the above.

Are Short-Term Loans the answer to your monetary woes? They can be, is the short answer, providing you meet the requirements for obtaining one and can make ends meet including your repayments thereafter.

An Instant Short Term Loan, Instant Payday Loan as they are sometimes described are only ‘instant’ once approved and the funds released to your Bank. That said, they are somewhat quick short term loans in comparison to those generally offered by mainstream Banking Institutions which is why they have become so popular. To compare short term loans or payday loans and Lenders, it is advisable to use a Comparison Service such as LenderSeekers.co.uk where you can ensure you are getting the best deal. However, at The Quick Loan Shop you can rest assured that we will always offer you the best rates and service available.

We have a robust Treat Customers Fairly Policy and will respond to your queries on the same day. If you have any concerns or simply want to ask a question, our contact details are shown on our Contact Us page.

Should you have any problems or any kind in relation to a loan or Service with us, please use our Complaints Procedure whereby we can assure you of our utmost, personal attention. We are a Short-Term payday Lender with a conscience.

Our Services are transparent, easy to understand and, very importantly, confidential; your Privacy is extremely important. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions carefully in this regard.

Short-Term Loans are a viable and important way of securing cash when you need it most; when you have nowhere else to turn and have to rely upon an urgent injection of money into your Account.

Trust us. Trust us to see you through your time of need; let us help you with our financial emergency.