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As an established and regulated loan provider in the UK offering some of the most affordable cash advances, we are clear and transparent with our lending policy by always indicating the total amount repayable and the deadline for your payments. We appreciate that APR percentages can be seen as unrealistically high, at The Quick Loan Shop we are a payday lender that aims to make these more understandable for you. With an APR of 1269.7 % (per year), a typical example shows that if you borrow £200 until your next pay day, the total repayable cost is £248. This reflects an interest rate of 292% (per annum) with actual interest of £48. This works out at an effective 0.8% per day.

Remember too, that you can shorten your loan agreement with us at any time and save on interest charge – for example, you borrow £200 and have a loan agreement indicating a repayment of £248 after 31 days. However, if you repay in full after 15 days instead of waiting for the full term to complete, you would only have to repay £224 – a saving of 50% on the interest charge. So while you may need the full term at the beginning of your loan, if you find yourself with the means to repay early, you would save by doing so.

In addition, we do not use the Continuous Payment Authority – this means you pay us directly and we do not remove your repayment from your account ourselves. Again, you are in control of your credit advance.

The loans we provide are direct from us if your application is approved by us. As a UK moneylending company we only offer our quickly available loans to customers who live and work in the UK and who have a UK registered bank account. You must be over 18 years old, but you do not have to be a home owner or have a very good credit rating.

We at The Quick Loan Shop Ltd look forward to financing your needs with a short-term loan; subject to approval. We understand that taking out a loan can be confusing to borrowers and therefore we cut to the chase and clear the path to an easy process, clearly explained. You need not worry about the complexities involved because we will provide a 100% transparent loan service experience.

Being the best payday lenders only, we are more than willing to listen to your needs and work out the best solution for you – remember, we not only offer loans from 1-31 days but from 1 month to 12 months too, allowing you to spread the cost of your loan.

In the event of a decline for funding, we can still try and assist you find that loan you need. We are not just licenced payday or short term lenders but brokers too. How does this help you? Well, instead of having to search for other pay day lenders and go through the whole process of completing forms again, we can do that for you by presenting your application to the licenced and regulated affiliates to see if any can offer you a loan – and we would do this free of charge! See it as a thank you for applying to us in the first place.

So compare payday lenders and you will find us amongst the very best loan offering companies.