Quick Loans Bad Credit

Quick Loans Bad Credit

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What does this search query mean? Quick Loans Bad Credit. 

When looking for a short term loan customers must first decide what type of loan that they want and how much they want to borrow. 

Different types of loan

  1. Payday loans; these loans are perfect for this who want a loan until their next payday. A small loan to tie them over for an emergency bill. Those with a poor credit rating can apply. The term 'quick loans bad credit' applies here. 
  2. Guarantor loans; typically a larger loan where a lender requires the Borrower to have a Guarantor step up and be willing to repay the loan if the Borrower defaults. 
  3. Instalment loans; a loan that is repaid over several months or years. 
  4. Peer-to-Peer loans; this type of loan is where lenders are matched with borrowers online but where the lenders are investors, not companies. Borrowers can find various amounts available and the cost can be varied too, depending upon the investor's risk and return profile. Since the investors are generally individuals, their risk profiles are fairly strict and so not generally suitable for those with a bad credit history. These loans can be useful to people with an ok credit history. 
  5. Mortgage loans; large loans for the purchase of Property. Land, houses, apartments etc. 
  6. Car loans; as the name implies, for the purchase of a motor vehicle or motor cycle. 
  7. Personal loans; this can be any size of loan, short-term of instalment but is typically a Bank or similar lender-issued loan. 

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