High Acceptance Loan

High Acceptance Loan

Do you need a 3 month instalment short-term loan and worry your credit history will count against you? Finding a Lender with a high acceptance percentage is perhaps what you are looking for.

At The Quick Loan Shop we help you secure the high acceptance loan that you are looking for.

What is a High Acceptance Loan? 

A high acceptance loan is a cash advance from a lender that approves a larger number of loans than they typically decline.

When searching for these types of loans, what people are really asking for are lenders that are more likely to accept their risk profile. This usually means lenders who will issue loans to those who have a bad credit rating.

How to qualify for a High Acceptance Loan

In order to raise your chances of being accepted for this type of loan, please consider the following: 

Are you 18 years old or over with stable employment within the UK? Do you have a bank account within the UK and are permanent resident of the UK?

If the answer to all of those questions is yes, the next step is to consider monthly fixed expenditure and to ensure that all incomings and outgoings are noted.

The goal here is to ascertain that the amount left over (the surplus sum or disposable income) is equal to or greater than the repayments of the loan that you are wanting to apply for.

Next steps

The final steps that need to be taken in preparedness for the application, is to check your credit score.

For more information please read our page here where we go into greater detail: Credit Score

The final word

The final step is application. 

Apply here: Application Page