No Fee Loans

No fee loans

At The Quick Loan Shop Ltd all our loans are no fee loans and you can apply here for short-term loans and apply here for instalment loans to take advantage of this. 

Discover our no fee loans

No fee loans are essentially personal loans, payday loans and instalment loans that have zero cost attached to them other than added interest. 

Our entire loan cost is within the interest amount, which we tell you up-front. There are no surprise costs, no hidden fees. What you see on your pre-contract agreement is the final repayment total. 

What fee's do other lender's charge? 

Other lenders may charge a fee for various reasons. These include a processing amount, a credit history check fee, origination fee and even an underwriting fee. Rest assured, none of our loan products attract any of these. 

When are fees acceptable to pay? 

Typically the aforementioned fees become applicable for very large loans such as mortgages or motor vehicle loans. Personal loans should not be attracting any fees. 

If your lender does charge a fee, remember to include that additional cost when comparing the overall total repayment to lenders such as ourselves who do not charge any fees. 

Our loans are cheaper

Since we have a zero fee policy, our loans are cheaper than our competition. Hidden fees can substantially increase the cost of borrowing and what initially seemed like a good deal, can suddenly become far more expensive when all the add-on fees are totalled up. 

Pre-contract Credit Information 

When a loan is approved for funding, we will send you a Pre-Contract credit information sheet which will explain the loan terms such as the loan duration, the amount requested, the interest charge for that loan and the total to be repaid. Specific dates will be included. 

This represents our legally binding agreement with you and you with us. In it, you will be able to confirm that we have no fees and that our loan is exactly as described before you even applied. 

The loan 

If you are happy with the Pre-Contract Information, you then have the option to proceed with the loan. All you have to do is click on the supplied 'accept loan' link, e-sign and we will take care of the rest. A full Contract Agreement will immediately follow and the loan amount will be sent to your chosen bank account. 

Easy, straightforward-forward and simple :)