How It Works

Short-term aims to assist you with all of your immediate cash advance needs

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We specialise in soft search (TQLS funded loans only) payday and short term loans; our short term emergency loans are a solution to plugging a gap in your finances when an unexpected bill arrives. 
Our process is 100% secure, and the application is completed entirely online.

Want to borrow £200? Want to borrow £100? Or borrow £500?

Use our slider to identify the amount that you would like to borrow, fill in the Application Form and carefully review your loan amount, its terms and rates. Please note that you are borrowing only until your next PayDay. Complete the Application process by accepting the loan agreement. There is no obligation to accept the loan presented, and you may end the process at any time. Once approved, your cash is usually deposited in your bank account that day*. When due, you simply pay us directly from your bank account to ours; you maintain control but please be aware that late payment can result in a default fee of £12 plus interest at 0.8% per day for the outstanding amount.

If we are unable to fund you directly, you get another chance, because with us, your Application is a Combined Application Lender Search Service*, this means that we will offer your application to our trusted Financial Services Affiliates to try and find you a loan with another Lender; this is a free service and incurs no fee. We may accept a commission from the Lender that does fund you however.

*Please note that our Combined Application Lender Search Service is not optional; i.e. if you apply with us you agree that in the even that we do not offer you a loan ourselves, you are automatically enrolled in our Lender Search Service.

Please note, that you may repay earlier than your Agreement date and the amount to repay will be based upon the 0.8% interest charge; this will save you interest and is the recommended way of managing your loan.


Extensions are not automatically granted and should not be used as a long-term financial solution. We will consider your extension request based on the information you provide and your current financial situation. Please note that by extending your loan, you will incur additional finance charges. You will only owe a finance charge on your original due date, which is typically your next pay date. (However, we suggest you pay as much of your principal as possible on your next pay date to reduce further charges.) The principal of your existing loan will then be 'rolled over' into a new loan. You will pay the loan amount and finance charge of this new loan on your following due date, which is typically your following pay date. Extensions, partial payment and early payoff requests must be received by 17:00, at least three working days prior to your due date.Please note also that we can only grant up to a maximum of two 'rollovers'.


TheQuickLoanShopLtd contains no hidden fees and the following applies in all cases:

  • No application fee
  • No faster payments fee**
  • No monthly account maintenance fees
Late Repayments:

Please note that Customers who do unfortunately pay late will incur a default fee of £12. All charges are clearly defined and presented to every customer prior to signing the payday loan agreement.

If you do not repay within 7 days following your loan repayment date, we may add additional interest calculated at 0.8% per day late up to a maximum of 30 days.

Please be aware that defaulting on your Loan Agreement (non-payment) can have a negative affect your Credit Rating.

These practices outlined above affirm our commitment to transparent lending.

*subject to Bank transfer times**subject to Customer’s Bank account supporting Faster Payments.

Representative APR 1269.7%

Representative Example
  • Borrow £100 for 30 days
  • Amount repayable: £124
  • Interest £24
  • Interest rate: 292% p.a. (fixed)
  • APR: 1296.7% (variable)